New app is changing perceptions of beauty

Neo Bodumela

CONVINCING women they are beautiful may not be the simplest task, but now it could be as easy as clicking an online application – and South African women are invited to add their click.

After its global study which found that only a small percentage of women saw themselves as beautiful, skin care product manufacturer Dove has launched a Facebook application (app) which will allow women to see encouraging messages on their newsfeed instead of potentially negative advertising.

The app, which runs parallel to the firm’s “real beauty” television campaign, has already replaced more than 171 million potentially negative adverts on Facebook globally, creating a social media movement of women inspiring each other.

The company said it was prompted by its own study, “The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited”, which surveyed more than 6 400 women between the ages of 18 and 64 years in over 20 countries to create the application, which has just been released on the Dove South Africa Facebook page.

The study found that only 4% of the women surveyed considered themselves beautiful and the company’s solution was to develop the Facebook app that gives the power of advertising back to the women being targeted by encouraging them to displace negative adverts offering breast enhancement potions and miracle weight loss regimes with liberating messages instead.

Dove South Africa spokeswoman Kate Swan is confident South African women’s responses will be as positive. “The global response to the Dove Ad Makeover App has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Preliminary global results showed 253 million impressions in the first week alone,” Swan said.

“The app has been released to South African audiences and I have no doubt that women around the country are going to be just as enthusiastic about spreading these positive messages.

“We’re once again challenging perceptions of beauty and giving women all over the world an inspiring platform from which to recognise their own real beauty, overcome their self-esteem issues and support each other in their journeys of acceptance.”

The company said the application was received “with enthusiasm” in the United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia, with 71% of women saying that they felt more beautiful as a result of the campaign.

The app will be available on the Dove South Africa Facebook page until December 31 this year.

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