Go punk or monk for Cansa and be part of world record

A GROUP of 10 hairdressers are ready for this Saturday’s “shavathon” to raise funds for cancer treatment at Kings Court Shopping Centre in Walmer Heights.

Richmond Hill hairdresser Simon Clark is part of Shear Madness for Cancer, aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the most heads shaved by 10 hairdressers in an hour.

“The record stands at 318, held by the Irish, and we’re attempting to break that by shaving 400 heads in the hour. Megan Bornman is one of the first volunteers who agreed to shave all her hair off. She chose to dye her hair purple and style a mohawk to promote the cause but this weekend it’s all coming off,” Clark said.

The event is a fundraising initiative for the Cancer Association of South Africa’s Port Elizabeth branch. The event comprises of a Go Punk or Go Monk spray-or shave day in the morning where non-participants can join in the fun and help the organisers prepare for the Guinness World Record attempt.

“Spray your hair crazy colours to go punk or become a shavee by shaving it all off using number one or two to go monk,” Clark said.

“Then in the afternoon we will attempt to break the record with the 5km walk of remembrance ending the day at 5pm.”

The event starts at 8am and people are able to register for R30 at Bluewater Bay, Despatch, Gelvandale, Levyvale, Mount Pleasant, Newton Park, Summerbreez, Sunridge, and Waterfront Super Spars as well as Images 1 and MarcAndrew Hairdressing. R50 will be charged on the day.

  • Contact Clark on (041) 582-1426


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