Time for festive angling

AS WE move into the festive season there is a mass exodus of folk with some heading for the hills, while others vacate the hills for the coast. Just as there is road rage, it also manifests itself at angling spots, where congestion and competition creates conflict and frustration, which does not take us in a positive direction. Exercise consideration, patience and tolerance during this time. Let’s remember why we celebrate this time of year.

The quest for the dream angling destination can be reached at this time of year as we have more time on hand to explore, especially with your family in hot pursuit. Now is the time to walk those trails that take you to the spots that are normally just too far away. With the necessary provisions packed this can be quality time.

The Southern Cape coastal zone is just such an area with vast opportunities. Just Google Earth the coast and you will be amazed at what has been missed over the years. The intertidal zone is public land so it is quite legal to walk there, however caution is needed above the high water mark as you will trespass there.

Many land owners are not tolerant of anglers as they impact heavily on the environment, so fishermen must respect their rights. Exclusivity is a privilege that not all can unfortunately enjoy so gaining access illegally by trespassing will not help the angler’s cause.

Deep sea angling is also a great option this time of year, regardless of the bouts of wind we receive.

Getting up before the sun rises is a wonderful experience. It’s good food for the soul. By the time the wind is stimulated by the sun, a good six hours of fishing has been enjoyed.

Ask the locals about the wind trends at this time of year, as this can help avoid a situation that can spoil a long anticipated vacation. Heed the call to safety.

The Noordhoek Ski-boat Club caters for the holidaymaker too in the form that day trippers pay a launch fee in lieu of membership.

Naturally your craft must be compliant and a 29meg radio is compulsory. The reason for this is that a channel of communication is necessary with shore control to avoid collision with launching craft, when returning. The facility is safe and vehicles are not at risk either.

The Port of St Francis is another facility that offers a safe launch to the sea and the reefs off the Cape St Francis lighthouse and Kromme River mouth are close by. To gain access to this port one would have to visit the Port Captain with your file containing all documents that will be required in order to purchase a tag for the boom.

The documents that will be required are your Certificate of Competence and the Certificate of Fitness for the craft you plan to go to sea with.

They might want to inspect your craft, so make an appointment and find out what the launch policy is. It might change during the festive season.

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