Weddings and Celebrations: Stop! In the name of love

HE may not have been able to go down on one knee but Francois van Greunen’s hospital bed proposal to Roché Teengs this month was “perfect”, says his new fiancee. The Lorraine couple have been through great challenges in the past four months.

Sales representative Francois was crushed by a 2.5-ton front-end loader bucket in July. The accident injured both his femurs, his pelvis and spine.

However, with Roché at Francois’s side, they prove that not even an oncoming truck can stop the love they have for each other.

Doctors aren’t certain when Francois will fully recover but he has already survived multiple fractures, 10 operations, a lung infection, jaundice, ventilators and recently a perforated bowel.

This has not dampened the spirits of The Plantation wedding planner Roché, who proudly nicknamed her fiance “gogga”.

“We still have a very long road to recovery but with the help of God, family, friends and Facebook followers – I’ve created a prayer group page – we will and can face this journey together. Love surely conquers all,” she said.

As for Francois, although they have only been dating for three years he remembers Roché from schooldays and says: “I fell in love from the very first moment I saw her.”

The proposal took place in the ICU at St George’s Hospital where Francois is being treated.

“I was standing next to his bed when he took my hand and said, ‘I am sorry I cannot go on my knees and this isn’t the most romantic place either but I am not sorry for taking this promise ring off your right hand’,” said Roché.

“He took the ring, which he had given to me two years before, placed it on my left hand and asked, ‘Will you marry me’?

“My heart was elated! I get butterflies just thinking about it again.

“The atmosphere and ambience were perfect in the imperfect situation we find ourselves in, because it was done in love and with the promise of a future together.

“And he said he’ll buy me a ring soon!”

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