Service faster than Nadal’s

THE City Slukker has been known to suffer the occasional bout of tennis elbow and naturally his fellow slukkers have never believed for a second that it has anything to do with tennis or aces whatsoever.

More than likely, some other action involving lifting the arm and hand up accompanied by a swift wrist movement in order to serve a high ball. Only, they argue, in the slukker’s case, this highball is of the glass variety and the serving (a generous one) is to none other than himself.

Oh well, they can say what they like.

CS actually does enjoy tennis and besides, you don’t serve beer in a highball. So there.

Of course, elbows can get injured in pubs, but that’s only if there’s too little room and one has to literally elbow one’s way through to the bar in order to relinquish one’s thirst. CS has had plenty of those experiences over the years. Which is why the Elbo Room is a perfect name for the Springfield sluk-den at the Fig Tree Centre where the slukker occasionally pops in.

Here you will find yourself knee-deep in bonhomie as locals gather after work in what is a spacious venue with the added advantage of a long bar so there’s plenty of room for sluks, elbows and the occasional visitor who’s actually parking off somewhere at one of a number of high tables.

One thing about the service at Elbo Room is that it is seriously fast. Eat your heart out, Nadal.

CS has never had to wait more than two or three seconds for someone to ask him what his poison is. And the reason for that is that there is always more than sufficient staff on deck to ensure everyone’s sluk is topped up. That’s a major plus.

CS’s draught has always been ice cold and at R17 for a 500ml Castle, he’s more than satisfied. There are also Happy Hours between midday and 1pm and 5pm and 6pm, when the same sluk is R15.50.

There are also large flat screen TVs which can be seen from anywhere in the bar to catch the big game (or tennis).

With its old world pictures on the walls, roominess and high chill-out factor, this is a recommended stress-free suburban retreat.

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