Vocal fireworks from a cappella stars

Yoliswa Sobuwa

HAVING just returned from the Edinburgh Festival, The Soil have promised their Nelson Mandela Bay fans a night of fireworks when they perform tonight at the Feather Market Centre on their reflection tour.

The a cappella group whose album reached gold status, said they could not wait to wow their fans with their new songs.

The group which is made up of Buhlebendalo Mda, 25 (aka Buhle) and brothers Ntsika (aka Da Fanartistic), 25 and Luphindo Ngxanga, 26 (aka Master P), drove all the way from Johannesburg to the Bay and still had the energy to meet and sign CDs.

“We are going to be dishing out new songs and also touching base with where we started.

“It is going to be fireworks. We have recently returned from the Edinburgh Festival and we have learnt a lot. We are now able to pay attention to details. Today people can expect soulful music that is going to heal their souls,” said Master P.

The group’s music is defined as Kasi soul as they feature an eclectic mix of musical genres such as jazz, hip hop, Afropop and Afrosoul.

The Soil will perform highly spirited and uplifting songs from eight years back when they first embarked on their musical quest, as well as moving into the future with songs such as Baninzi, Joy (We Are Family), Iinkomo and including new material written from recent experiences through their travels on the African continent and abroad.

“The Soil is on another level. We aim to give our audience goosebumps. We have grown vocally and our creative side is a lot better.

“When we were in Edinburgh it humbled and reminded us of how we started. We went out in the streets and sang so that people would come to our festival and we really received a lot of support,” said Da Fanartistic.

Buhle could not hide her excitement. “It is always lovely to be in PE. The excitement is crazy. We just released a DVD in which we added a few new songs. There is a song called Mkhuluwa which is a traditional song and a Xhosa song. It will blow the audience away, we know,” she said.

The Soil’s show is at 7pm.

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