Inspiration and laughter the best muti

THEY say laughter is the best medicine and your Skinnerbek certainly got the very best medicine over the past weekend.

Last Friday it was The Herald GM Citizen of the Year awards at the Athenaeum and although the heavens opened, guests managed to stick to the smart dress code.

The VIP room was welcoming with snacks and drinks laid on and the top five finalists made a great impression.

Glenda Brunette, who looks after creches in Walmer township, looked like a princess in her green ball gown but poor Nosi Ncoyo of Vision4Women seemed to be struggling a little in her killer silver heels. We all know how women pay a hefty price to look so good!

Comedian and MC Kurt Schoonraad had everyone in stitches but Skinnerbek’s highlight of the night was the Chapter Three band in their grey outfits and red bow ties.

They are a force to be reckoned with and took us down memory lane when they sang classic R&B and blues.

They were absolutely on fire and the ladies – including yours truly – could not stop screaming along to their slick moves.

The brightest star of the evening, meal provider and child carer Alida Davis – who rocked in a black outfit – could not hide her happiness when she was named overall Citizen of the Year. Congratulations, girl! Your story brought tears to Skinnerbek’s eyes.

But enough of the emotional stuff.

On Saturday I went to the 99% Xhosa Comedy show at the Boardwalk Amphitheatre. The venue was packed – which goes to prove what I said about laughter and medicine, neh?

Anele Mdoda, who impressed in a green number, was the MC, trying her luck as a comedian. I must say she was not bad although I’m not sure about her dancing skills. Bay TV’s Suliwe Sihlwayi was the DJ for the night – the only brave girl I know who rocks with her bald head and still looks sexy. She was wearing a teensy black number and oh, thank goodness she had other garments on. I was impressed with her skills on the decks and old school kwaito.

I also spotted a few socialites from around – Hlubi Hewitt-Coleman was wearing an orange jacket and designer jeans and I loved her youthful look.

It was also lovely to see businessman Motse Mfuleni rocking in All Stars. The comedians did their best to keep us rolling in the aisle but there were those who annoyingly only kept us yawning.

TD Jokes, you have good looks but stop trying to hard, dahling, and just be yourself. And Siya Jeye, did you lose your funny lines on the way to the theatre? Let’s meet again next week.

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