Young starlet off to Florida for talent show

Pericles Anetos

A MULTI-TALENTED eight-year-old from St George’s Preparatory has been invited to take part in an international talent show in the United States next year.

More than 500 talented children attended a two-day Just-You International Talent Showcase in Johannesburg at Montecasino in October.

The performers were all vying for a chance to be one of the lucky 400 from across the world to be invited to the International Talent Showcase in Orlando, Florida, in June next year.

St George’s pupil Serena Escola performed in the singing, dancing, modelling and acting categories.

Escola’s one-and-a-half minute performance included a rendition of Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, a skit from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a modelling stint and a hip-hop dance.

Her performances caught the eye of international talent scout Kim Myers from the Applause Rising Talent Showcase (Arts).

The budding performer, whose favourite subject in school is mathematics, said: “In the beginning I was nervous but then I got excited when I went on stage. It was so fun,” Escola said.

Her mother, Magda, said she noticed “right away” that her daughter was a performer. From the age of two, when the family would go to her older brother’s school band concerts, she would sit on her mother’s lap and conduct the band.

“She just loves the stage, she does tap, modern – all the dancing. She plays the piano and is going to start cello. She just wants to do everything,” Escola said.

At just four years old, Escola told her mother she wanted to model.

“She is just thriving on all of it. If she says she is sick and tired of it then I will let her stop – but I am convinced this is her thing.”

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