Proudly ‘educating ladies’ for 130 years

Yoliswa Sobuwa

ERICA Girls Primary School celebrated its 130th anniversary on Monday with a special assembly and a cake baked by an industrious mom.

Talking about the cake, principal Keith McCrindle said mother Jenifer Charalambous had “captured the essence of Erica’s colours in the badge, tie and red floral pattern in this multi-layered chocolate and vanilla cake”.

He said the school was proud to be “educating ladies who will play a role in the future of our country. Erica is often referred to as a family school”.

Erica, which currently has 583 pupils, was started by Mary Anne van Wyk in a hall in Irvine Street in 1883.

Van Wyk chose the name based on the red Erica flower. The flower has been the badge since then.

The badge and motto, “For Honour, Loyalty and Truth”, were designed in 1903.

“Erica is a leading primary school giving pupils the freedom of choice of a senior school to meet their needs,” McCrindle said.

“It also boasts magnificent sports fields as well as a pool.

“We offer the foundation they need to meet the requirements of life,” McCrindle said.

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