The heart of her home

VIEWERS who watched landscape garden artist Sarah Stevens win the Port Elizabeth edition of television cookery show Come Dine With Me on Monday night will know she has a kitchen as colourful as her hair and outfits.

Although she was described as “no nonsense and tough”, the contestant’s warm and bubbly personality is reflected in her favourite room, which is as vibrant as it is functional.

Stevens described her participation in Come Dine With Me as an “amazing experience” after being crowned the eventual winner of this week’s show.

She said because of her family’s penchant for entertaining guests in their Walmer home, most of her time is spent in the kitchen – which she does not mind at all.

“I adore cooking and this kitchen is my safe space. We entertain people all the time so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

“The kitchen, and house in fact, was mostly designed by my husband and I absolutely love the bright colour of the kitchen,” she said.

My style in five words: Loud, colourful, industrial, eclectic and fun.

On my wish-list: More Le Creuset pots. Best colour: Pink. Pet decor peeve: People who apologise for their decorating style.

My indulgence: Anything that works in a kitchen, like mixers or mashers.

Favourite character from a movie or book: It’s not a specific character but the women in the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood because they are a group of women who are there for each other and that’s what I have as well. Need decor inspiration? Nelson Mandela Bay certainly has plenty of style, so if you know someone who has a favourite room and is willing to share their flair with our readers, drop an e-mail to:

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