World ‘likes’ local tribute to Africa

DELIGHTING in the lighter and more delicious side of life in Africa and giving a platform for anti-rhino horn poaching efforts is proving to be a major Facebook hit for one Nelson Mandela Bay woman. Kragga Kamma Game Reserve conservationist and ardent anti-rhino poaching activist Ayesha Cantor started the page as a hobby for her friends and family.

The page, called “Africa, this is why I live here” has garnered over 83 000 “likes” on Facebook over two years, something Cantor said she did not expect.

“Firstly, I was very surprised when the page reached 1 000 likes because it started out as just a page for friends and family.

“The reason I started it mainly was because we are always so bombarded with bad news on the radio and the television and I wanted to get the fun and quirky side of living in Africa out there.”

Cantor said although most of the people who are part of the page are from Africa, some members are from countries outside the continent.

“Some time within the past two years or so, the page has really grown. Facebook gives us all sorts of statistics and although about 60% of the people are from Africa, the rest are spread from all over the world in places even like Slovakia.”

The page boasts nearly 100 photo albums including quirky African signs, sunrises and sunsets and one for recipes that is proving popular.

“Most of the recipes that are on the page are those I have stumbled across.

“Some of the recipes are for braaing and the accompanying dishes one can have when having a braai. Although most of the recipes are South African, I would love to get some other contributions for uniquely African dishes to add a bit more of Africa on it,” she said.

Cantor said besides highlighting the good about Africa, the page also gives her a chance to speak out against rhino horn poaching.

“As someone who is involved in the Kragga Kamma Game Park, I have become very involved in rhino activity. This page, with the reach that it has, has given me a platform to speak out against rhino horn poaching and to help those who need it with regard to getting their stories out there. Most people who have game parks don’t have the backing of big companies to protect their animals so this is also a platform for them,” Cantor said.


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