A life all about love

THE Plantation is one of Port Elizabeth’s most exclusive and busiest wedding venues (it wins many awards, both local and national), but co-owner Sarah Dirsuwei managed to slip away to the new country restaurant and farm stall, the Grass Roof, on the Seaview Road for lunch with La Femme.

Dirsuwei and her family own and manage both The Plantation and the Boma snake and reptile park but since snake professional Mark Marshall moved out of the city, the Boma is no longer open to visitors.

The Dirsuwei family has been to the Grass Roof several times since it opened, and can recommend its soup and curry, but salad was on the menu for the Friday lunch last week. Sarah said the light meal of roasted pumpkin with feta, barley and cranberries was “delicious”, over a cappuccino and chat.

I love running a wedding venue because we get to be part of so many people’s special days. Weddings are such happy occasions, with family and friends coming together to celebrate romance and love, and it is such a privilege to be able to work in a magical, positive environment. Also, at heart I am a real perfectionist and people pleaser, and running weddings is the perfect way to use both these traits.

I have a soft spot for elderly people and animals. Old people have such rich life stories and experiences to share and animals are pure, kind and love completely unconditionally.

I should have studied psychology. Wedding planners are confidants, intermediaries, friends and psychologists for brides.

I’d love to party with Colin Cowie. He really knows how to pull out all the stops.

I’m listening to the busy sound of my wonderful team hard at work making clients happy.

When I was 16, I wish I knew that it really doesn’t matter what other people think of you. Believe in yourself, and be confident.

I’ll know I’ve made it when at the end of the day I sit with my lovely family and just enjoy being.

The person who has taught me the most is my husband, Ralph. He balances my extremes and makes living fun as well as a constant learning curve.

My music weakness is Silence by Delirium. I have loads of versions and never tire of listening and dancing to them again and again.

Nothing makes me happier than soaking up the sun while holding my husband’s hand and listening to my children laugh and play.

I absolutely hate nothing. I prefer to love.

I am saving to buy our next family holiday. Nothing beats discovering the world, relaxing and sharing new experiences.

I share my life with my soul mate, Ralph and our three wonderful sons Jacob, Luke and Cian.

I can’t go a day without food. I love eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the bits in between.

In 10 years I see myself sitting on a tropical island writing my next best-selling novel.

SARAH Dirsuwei’s favourite places in the metro are:

  • Addo Elephant Park – A short 30-minute drive and you are in the wilderness, listening to elephants rumble;
  • Sardinia Bay beach – A piece of paradise;
  • The Summerstrand esplanade – with its beaches, pier and restaurants;
  • The Boma – best Sunday lunch in town;
  • Bridge Street Brewery – delicious food and soothing tunes;
  • Poetry and Walmer Park – need I say more;
  • The Place for Women – like-minded women stretching, toning and laughing together;
  • The Grey schools – what an opportunity for the boys of our city;
  • The Grass Roof – I love the relaxed country atmosphere and wholesome food.

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