Ciza spreading message

Yoliswa Sobuwa

HIP-hop artist Ciza Tha Journalist is showcasing the beauty of Nelson Mandela Bay through his new high-quality music videos, he says. Given his name, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Ciza is a journalist – he’s not – but he manages to cover hip-hop well.

The Nigerian-born musician, who moved to Port Elizabeth eight years ago, is promoting his latest four music videos.

“They are Flyaway, Me and My Girl, and the two more recent ones are Ka-ching and Step onto the Scene.

“All have been used to showcase the Bay and its surroundings.”

Ciza says Step onto the Scene is a motivational song in which he decided to show off the Bay from a beachfront rooftop at sunset.

The result is “absolutely stunning”, he says.

“We also had amazing bike stunts by the city’s Dolphins biking club and great action by the EP Kings cheerleaders.”

He said Ka-ching was a fun club song and it was shot at Gondwana Cafe. “The storyline is about an arrogant rich guy in a club.

“Overall, we want to show PE artists that they can still get quality music videos made around here without having to go to Johannesburg and pay big amounts.

“All our videos are of high quality standards and people can see for themselves on YouTube,” he said.

Ciza’s music is mainly in English and West African “Pidgin Lingua”.

His ability to apply his smooth lyrical style to suit various genres – rap, rock, metal, punk rock and reggae – means that he is able to entertain a vast and broad spectrum of music enthusiasts.

A former helicopter pilot who quit flying to pursue his dream career, he added: “I remember in 2006 when I survived a helicopter crash.

“I woke up hours later in a game reserve and I prayed to God to spare my life so that I could continue doing what I love best.

“That love is entertaining people through my music.

“Music is my life and I get to educate people through it,” he said.

Ciza’s videos can be viewed on YouTube.

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