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A JOURNEY of dance seems an apt way to describe the upcoming Shades of Dance as a melange of dancers from Port Elizabeth’s Ellen Bunting Dance Academy take to the stage at the Port Elizabeth Opera House on November 8 and 9.

Choreographed by Bunting, the 90-minute production will transport the audience from the theatres of downtown New York to the nostalgia of years gone by and is jammed with humour and energy.

Bunting describes it as possibly her best production ever. The cast range from five to over 70.

“I think it’s going to be entertaining and uplifting and varied … that’s why it’s called Shades of Dance because there is such huge variation to each and every of the 20-odd numbers in the production.

“Nothing stays the same – everything has a different shade to it, a different aspect,” said Bunting who started her academy 27 years ago.

The colourful production features an assortment of genres of dance including tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, Latin, modern, and contemporary with a certain flair and twist added in by Bunting herself.

One of the numbers, Three Piggy Dance, will even feature a live piglet in a tutu.

“That one is just a fun, fun cabaret number – it is absolutely fabulous. I just love it,” Bunting said.

Other numbers include Hooked on Gatsby and Splish Splash, a number which has all the young dancers tapping around in a humorous play on bath routines with little “pizzazz and tap fun”, Bunting said.

Office Pool, which is performed by the more accomplished dancers in the group, takes the audience back to the ’60s.

Bunting said she loved choreographing the Spanish dance number MoVida Moves. The three-part tap number with a Latin twist moves from a group routine into a pas de deux and back into a group.

Siko Gaika said it was his first time doing tap and he was really enjoying it.

“My favourite dance item of the production, is the Spanish tap number that I do with the ladies. It’s really spectacular – everything about it is just great.”

Kim Scribante is one of the mothers who will be sharing the dance stage with their daughters.

“It is special to me that Sienna and I can create this memory together.

“This is our second Ellen Bunting dance show together … it is wonderful to share a love of dance and of performing on stage.

“I hope she is proud of me because I am certainly very proud of her,” Scribante said.

Another Ellen Bunting Dance Academy alumni, is Rose Ferrant, who is in her seventies, and will be dancing in the show with her granddaughter Lauren.

Tickets are available at Computicket for R110. For more information, contact Dalene Kruger Auld on 084-625-3436.

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