Big dreams for film buff

Tremaine van Aardt

A FORMER Uitenhage schoolboy has taken the first step towards directing and writing a feature-length film.

Zaylin September, 26, completed his first self-produced documentary which aired on Great Expectations, a show aimed at helping young mothers with the transition from woman to mother.

September’s production focused on foetal alcohol syndrome.

“I am still a junior producer at Sabido Productions. Last month my production manager asked me if I wanted to do the show. I agreed. I was given a brief of what the show would be about. At first I thought I would just be doing research but then the producers in Johannesburg kept asking me to do more and more,” the former Muir College matriculant said.

“Then it dawned on me that they were actually asking me to produce the whole programme, which was an hour-long show.

“I studied for a Bachelor of Arts Motion Picture [degree] at Afdafilm school in Cape Town. I only did two years after certain policies and fee structures changed unfavourably. It was a sobering experience being out there in the wilderness. I searched around for a job and then applied for an intern position at in Johannesburg and was accepted. The rest is history.”

Recently he has also been given the go-ahead for another documentary with an “astonishing budget”.

“My ultimate goal is to direct and write a commercially successful South African feature-length film,” he said.

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