Paradise found for slukkers in trip around the world in frothy daze

IT WAS a long gruelling day. It’s tough when you have to travel around the world and you only have about 10 hours to complete the trip.

Globe-trotting is not as easy as you think it’s going to be – oh yes, and on top of it you’ve got to drink beer.

A lot of it. Well, that was the good part. Good until you got to about number 17. That’s when the jet lag – or rather, jet lager – set in.

It was 1998 and the group of four slukkers had set off on their journey. We actually didn’t move at all, though. We didn’t have to. We were quite comfortable around a high table at the old Keg and Frog at The Atrium and the world was actually coming to us. In the form of a dazzling, beer lover’s vision of paradise: some of the most notable brands of pilseners, ales, stouts and lagers in an assortment of shapes and sizes that the City Slukker could only marvel at.

CS was reminded of this expedition – for which the assembled crew received Keg passports and their names on extra large plaques at the bar – when he popped into the Keg and Swan in the Sunridge Village Shopping Centre this week.

The slukker hadn’t quaffed a frosty for some time at this pozzie and it was good to see a cheerful crowd in both the main bar and eatery – where muso about town Mark Botha was providing some laid-back, retro vibes – as well as the separate enclosed smoking section which used to be open to the elements but now has a cosy and cool greenhouse effect.

The slukker’s ice-cold 500ml draught was served up pronto by an attentive barman (there’s something you don’t see every day) from one of an impressive range of beers on tap – and at R18 was reasonable value.

On the food side, apart from the extensive Keg menu which spoils you for choice, there are some great chalkboard specials which you shouldn’t ignore if you have the munchies.

The slukker’s favourite is the “500 Club” where you can choose from a 500g rump (R102), 500g T-bone (R79) or 500g ribs (R95) and get a free 500ml Castle draught thrown into a terrific deal.

There are also tiger prawn specials – garlic, peri-peri or lemon butter – served with savoury rice and priced at R119 for 12 or R219 for 24.

As suburban pubs go, this is one of the friendliest around when it comes to service and the ambience in general.

The only thing that needs some attention – when it is buzzing – are the ablutions. Things were clean but clearly hadn’t been checked on regularly, with refuse containers full to overflowing.

Something like this is so easily sorted out – and makes such a huge difference to an overall impression.

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