Pitch up for some trivia fun and fine fare

YOU’VE probably never stopped to ponder what the Nepalese national flag looks like or what Donald Duck’s second name is, but there always comes a time when such vexing, if non-consequential questions consume your full attention.

Yep, you have it. You’ve usually got a frosty in your hand and a pen in the other and you and your team-mates are debating whether your guess is a more heavyweight contender than anyone else’s.

The slukker has been to his fair share of Trivia Nights but the ones he and the Slukkertary-General have been scratching their heads at recently have been a jol of great bonhomie, thanks to the good nature of the competitors who do not resort to dirty tricks like the sly spreading of wrong answers that CS has witnessed elsewhere.

But here at The Pitch (the former Pitch and Putter) in Mount Road, which is under new ownership, competition is extremely friendly on every second Wednesday when teams like the Sluggers, Fifty Fifty and MC Hammer do mental battle.

That may be due in part to the fact that there are a lot of different chill spots in the pozzie – including upstairs and downstairs sections – to set up a think-and-drink station, so that you’re only exposed to a limited amount of rival trivia muscle flexing.

It’s a good night out even if you’re not quite on top of the leader-board and there’s always the consolation of ordering another round if you missed the release date of Crocodile Rock by just two years. And who on earth was the second John in the movie Grease?

The Pitch is as welcoming as ever and the service and hospitality standard even higher – with your frosty (R18 for a 500ml Castle draught) in front of you before you’ve even had a chance to figure which country is the world’s largest exporter of macadamia nuts.

On the subject of munchies, The Pitch also has an extensive menu of both light and main good value meals, with their baskets a generous and tasty assortment of snacks, which is ideal food for thought when you’re trying to figure out where chorizos come from.

With its spaciousness, an upstairs deck overlooking the bay and an outside patio area, The Pitch is an ideal chill zone both day and night.

And by the looks of things, despite what they tell you about beer and brain cells, you actually can become cleverer here.

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