Women feel hair more than skin defines age

FAMOUS American man of letters Mark Twain once famously said there were three kinds of lies – “lies, damn lies and statistics”.

Statistically speaking, I have been writing rather a lot about short hair recently, so I thought skin care company Nurture Replenish’s published research on the over-40s and their hair would make a refreshing change.

According to the sample of more than 2000 women surveyed, their hair is a more important marker of age than their complexion.

Apparently the following are all big no-nos – pony tails, roots, extensions or “peroxide blonde”.

Other complaints arelack of body, poor condition and texture.

It was also noted that many woman feel they had their best hairstyle at 36, and 46 is the age when longer girlie styles get the chop.

Other facts of interest were that a third were afraid of having an old-fashioned hairstyle, while one in five would rather have younger hair than skin.

Well, is this the case? Yes and no. In my book just because you are older does not mean you need shorter hair.

However, it must be in good condition and “poppie” blonde with rat’s tail split ends does not suit a 16-year-old – never mind a woman aged 46.

I feel most of the problems listed have more to do with bad hair care routines than age. Yes, your hair and skin do change with age.

The problem is that as you age you also become reluctant to change. Hence you get stuck in a rut expecting your hair still to behave as it did when you were 20.

Also in your quest to cover the grey, you do things like box colour your whole head every time you colour (and yes, I know some stylists are guilty of this too).

The solution? Pony tails are fine but roots, extensions and platinum are best left for students. I know I have said this before but visit a reputable stylist.

Perhaps the best advice is: don’t be afraid of change. After all, if you think about it, if you loved your hair when you changed it more often, perhaps it’s time to do it again.

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