Living in her own library

Octayvia Nance

ATHENAEUM Building PR Amy Shelver showed La Femme around her Central cottage which she shares with her partner, Christiaan Kritzinger.

While being co-owner of Numb City Productions, she is interested in the youth creative collective in the city.

When showing La Femme around, she said she couldn’t decide where her books lived and where she lived.

“If I had to decide, my mini creative auditorium is the place I love most, filled with books and art,” she said.

My style in five words: A mix of classic vintage, minimal art deco and a splash of Asia.

On my wish-list: A mountain of Persian carpets and endless bookcases; plus a collection of all my friend’s art (Marc Pradevand and Dolla Sapeta, hint hint, nudge nudge).

My indulgence: a library of books, art and red wine, much to my detriment, and the occasional – and willing – personal chef; a Taurean likes the creature comforts after all.

Best colour:A combination of earthy tones.

Pet decor peeve: Anything that embraces cheesy Tuscan.

Favourite character from a movie or book: This is a tough one, have you seen my library? When I am not stuck in some academic book on development, most of my reading is a collection of authors rather than characters: Barbara Kingsolver, Margaret Atwood, John Fowles, Eckhart Tolle – basically anything intricate, tightly woven with intrigue, mystery and smatterings of soul and history. Next to my bed at the moment is the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Need decor inspiration? Nelson Mandela Bay certainly has plenty of style, so if you know someone who has a favourite room and is willing to share their flair with our readers, drop an e-mail to:

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