Mi Casa ready to ‘Jika’ at Shhugar

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IT all started with a simple, “hey, I don’t really know you guys but do you mind if I got the mic?” That was it, the beginning of Mi Casa, when vocalist J-Something boldly went up to producer and keyboardist Dr Duda, and trumpeter Mo-T who were performing at a club in Sandton one night and together the trio just started free-styling there and then and that’s how Mi Casa began.

It has been two years since their intoxicating sound of soulful house mixed with dance music hit South Africa on the album, Mi Casa Music. Along the way the band has picked up four South African Music awards and even performed in the US, at President Barack Obama’s inauguration and then touring the country.

The group has finally released its long-awaited second offering, Su Casa, with the lead single Jika, which is already one of the top-played songs in South Africa.

It’s an album that they are immensely proud of and, as the name suggests – “Your House” is for their fans.

“I think it was probably my proudest moment when I was able to hold the finished product in my hands.

It’s definitely my favourite piece of work that I have done in terms of song writing, and I think the message of the album is so beautiful.

“It’s got a specific message to people and yet it’s still going to make you dance so it’s more than just another house album,” said J-Something, who will be performing with Mi Casa in Port Elizabeth tonight at Shhugar restrobar in Walmer.

“People can expect new music.

“I think that’s what people are excited about. We are excited to get on stage and bring you this brand new album that we are so damn proud of,” J-Something said about tonight’s performance.

Mi Casa invested heavily in the production of its second album. Out of the 15 tracks featured on the album, 10 of them are singles. The album also features quite a few collaborations with well-known South African musicians, which came after Mi Casa asked fans on social media who they wanted the group to collaborate with the most. “I think people obviously have their dreams for us and we need to make sure that our fans are happy. We are so in touch with fans that we are always listening to every criticism that we get, and trying to improve on that,” J-Something said.

Black Coffee and Jimmy Nevis featured most in those requests – and Mi Casa are big fans of both of them.

They also collaborated with Mishka, an up-and-coming musician who has been touring with Mi Casa for the past two years.

The band also included a Nelson Mandela tribute song in the album, J-Something said.

“I think Nelson Mandela deserves so much more than a song and he has already been given so much love and for us obviously this album is released at quite a critical period of his life in terms of his health, it was only right to pay tribute to him.”

ýMi Casa will be on stage by 12.30am. Tickets start at R80. Further information – contact

Russell on 082-979-0304.

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