Singer wants to tell his fans’ ‘crazy but amazing’ stories

Andile Ndlovu

WE’VE heard of singers asking their fans for songs and covers to include in set lists for upcoming performances, but South African singer Donald is taking fan participation to a new level.

The award-winning crooner is rallying his fans to help him write his next prospective single, called #CrazyButAmazing, to appear on his third album.

Think of Grammy Award-winning singer Kelly Clarkson asking fans to submit videos of themselves dancing to her smash hit Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), which resulted in a flash mob for the music video.

Jason Mraz also asked his fans to tweet him what the phrase “the woman I love” meant to them, with the hashtag #mrazingthevideo – the song was from the album, Love Is A Four Letter Word.

Now Donald, according to his Facebook page yesterday, wants couples to share stories of how their “rocky relationships” survived.

“A relationship where your lover drove you crazy, but it’s been amazing to maintain at the same time,” he wrote. “This is a song about love and hope.”

He added that the chosen couple would inspire a collaborative campaign, including the song and a prospective music video. “This is my way of extending my gratitude to you for always being there for me and believing in me.”

More than 100 e-mails have come through to the inbox of his manager, Tshediso Leanya, but the challenge will be to find the most legitimate and interesting story. Donald was playing a gig yesterday, but Leanya said that while the current album’s music was inspired by Donald’s own relationships and life story, he was more open to “other people’s experiences” for the next project.

But a release is still some way off. Leanya said yesterday: “We’re busy recording the album, but it’s in the beginning stages, so there’s not much material to tell you about yet. This #CrazyButAmazing project is what is most important right now.”

No album title or release date has been set yet.

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