Shakin’ farewell to Cliff

CALL me the sensitive type, Skinnerbek doesn’t care. Your Gossip Girl had made her way to the Club 100 luncheon at the Boardwalk Hotel where former model Vanessa Goosen, who was arrested for drug trafficking in 1994, gave an emotional speech about her life in a Thai prison.

I actually did shed a tear. Oh, what a dahling she is.

She has been through so much but she is using her experience to inspire other women who are going through a tough time.

And Michelle Brown, I just loved those gold boots. Beautiful Sonja Tifloen, a director at BLC Attorneys, looked super fly in her brown and cream flowered jacket with brown leggings and cream white heels.

International jewellery designer Jenni Gault rocked in a red top and a lil’ black number.

I am not sure about Sureshni Grey’s velvet jacket though. I loved the white dress, sista, but that jacket is a no-no. And executive chef Paul Bain has always pulled out all the stops with sumptuous food.

Owner of New Brighton’s Bella Diva Hair and Beauty Salon, Ntombetemba Ncanywa, had a special Women’s Day function which was great fun with a string of special guests who included Bay TV presenter Naledi Boltina.

The guest of honour at another event graced by Skinnerbek was a man who came and conquered all in a matter of just under five years. Who are we talking about? Well, we were gathered at the Beach Hotel’s Aghulas Room to bid farewell to Clifford “Fantastic” Ngakane, the general manager of the Boardwalk Casino who is moving to Polokwane. If you know Clifford you would have understood the theme of the party being the Great Gatsby complete with cabaret entertainers, high fashion and hob nobbing guests.

Liz Prins, smouldering by his side in a white hand-crocheted mother of pearl dress, stood out in a crowd of little black numbers.

Francesca Bekker and Tanuja Gangabishun were the real McCoy – both in black – and Francesca’s vintage bag was divine. And it was good to see Tanuja in a dress for a change.

The food was in full supply as well as the dora. The bubbly was fantastic but I could not eat the steamed fish. Maybe it was supposed to be tasteless? Pint- sized ball of energy Mandla Madwara shook a little bit of what his mama gave him and so did most of us! And on that note, farewell Cliff, catch you on the flip side.

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