Property professional Ian Olivier proof that dreams do come true

THE name Ian Olivier is synonymous with property. As principal of Ian Olivier Properties, he has developed a firm following, based on sound ethics and commitment to customer service.

Proving that dreams do come true and that hard work pays off, Olivier recently realised a goal that he set for himself many years ago as a young rookie.

“I started out working for Rink Estates in 1989. In 1992 I decided I wanted to go out on my own; it was a toss-up between starting my own business or owning a franchise,” Olivier said.

“I met Pam Golding at the Peninsula Hotel in Cape Town in 1992 and looked at the options.

“At that stage Pam Golding was a relatively unknown brand and not well known in PE.

“I thought the sum that they wanted for the franchise then was far too much.

“However, I decided that one day, if I owned a franchise, I’d like to own a Pam Golding franchise.”

This year, Olivier achieved his goal with the merger of the existing Pam Golding Properties (PGP) office and Ian Olivier Properties.

They are located at new, larger premises at 157 Cape Road, Mill Park.

Ian Olivier Properties is branding as Pam Golding Properties Port Elizabeth, with Ian Olivier as the owner and operator of this privately owned franchise.

“We get the best of both worlds under one roof; trading under the trusted, known name as Ian Olivier Properties and the internationally respected brand in PGP.”

“PGP has 300 offices in South Africa, with Savills as their international arm,” he said.

Savills offers an international network of more than 500 offices and associates and is the No 4 global agent by world turnover. It has been ranked the best business superbrand in the real-estate sector by the Centre for Brand Analysis.

Importantly for Olivier, he respects “the family values and tremendous loyalty” inherent to Pam Golding Properties, it being a family business.

“There is synergy between their values and ours, so we are working hand-in-glove.”

Olivier is mindful of the edge that Ian Oliver Properties gains in this day of super technology.

“Pam Golding offers a free application – just go to the Pam Golding ‘property search’ page,” Olivier said.

“Experience the lean back [and look] rather than the lean forward!” he said. Prospective clients can view a property from various perspectives, inside and outside.

Olivier noted encouraging signs of an upturn in the property market in the past year, with buyers far more astute and having access to property information more readily available than in the past.

“The Pam Golding PE team is professional, with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. They are certainly on a growth path and want to make sure the brand’s presence is felt throughout the city. We sell properties in all price ranges, of all sizes and in all areas.” Contact Pam Golding Properties PE on (041)373-9955 or on Facebook.

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