Relax at the spot where planes hang out

WHEN you think about it, it’s a good name for a pub and eatery.

The City Slukker, after all, has been hanging out at such pozzies for a couple of decades – and he’s still hanging in there.

But of course, The Hangar in PE’s Allistair Miller Drive isn’t that kind of hang-out – well, it is, but it’s actually all about that spot where aeroplanes get to hang out. (And go to sleep, as CS’s dad used to explain to him.)

It certainly is an appropriate name for a sluk-den and restaurant next to an airport – and for a number of years it was known as Aviators. But it underwent a facelift a while back and now has a more lounge-like and sophisticated feel to the bar area, while still having its dining section (with a private enclosure) alongside.

The Slukker has always enjoyed the spaciousness of what isn’t a very large venue, but which still retains an air of roominess you would be hard pressed to find in an actual plane. Hence, “hangar” is exactly the right word.

What hasn’t changed though is the silver plane wing above the bar counter. It is a terrific aeronautical touch and has always added an authentic element which, as opposed to a sterile airport bar, makes it a lot more fun to visit when you’re either about to take off or when you’ve just touched down. Especially when you take in some of the murals and retro flight-themed posters. In the past, CS has been impressed with some happy two-hour specials on his favourite sluk and the 500ml draught in question has been served up ice cold and always promptly with a smile. That makes a big difference.

Remember the four legs of the superior sluk-den table (no matter what the location): chilled frosty, clean glasses, value for money and a friendly face that places your sluk before you. When it comes to munchies, there’s a more than adequate choice on the menu, from standard pub lunch fare like steak, egg and chips, chicken pie or bangers and mash, to a range of starters, salads, baskets, and more substantial meals.

This week, the Slukker popped in for a chow and – deciding on something lighter – opted for the Thai chicken salad (R52). Well, it may have been a lighter choice but it was a generous affair to say the least.

Succulent and tender chicken strips (plenty of them) in a sweet chilli sauce served on a bed of greens, rosa tomatoes, and peppers, with the appetising addition of slices of avocado and a creamy salad dressing. Delish! And if you’re into your burgers, you shouldn’t miss the Griffin (R58) – it’s a man-size meal served with a back bacon and egg topping.

So, don’t hang on too long.

Elsewhere on the slukking scene, The Craft Bru is organising something special today.

There’s a “Craft Beer Tasting” at the For the Love of Wine venue in Stanley Street, Richmond Hill from 1pm.

Slukkers and frosty fans will have no fewer than 12 different beers to sample from the likes of Mitchells Brewery, Citizen Brewery and Boston Breweries.

Now that sounds like a quaffing good way to spend a Saturday.

The Hangar: (041) 5811395

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