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MUSICIAN Guy Buttery’s eclectic sound returns to Port Elizabeth on Wednesday August 7 for a performance at the Friendly Stranger in Bridge Street.

The award-wining fingerstyle guitarist who is on tour promoting his new album, Live in KwaZulu, which is a live performance CD recorded over two nights at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

“Essentially what I am going to be doing on this tour is taking a lot of the pieces from the album itself [Live in KwaZulu], which sort of exist quite differently on the live environment, so I am going to be taking those on the road and bring that to PE,” Buttery said.

Buttery who draws the influence for his music from maskandi to Indian classical music will be providing his Bay audience with “quite a mixed bag”, of entertainment which will include the sitar (a classical Indian instrument) as well as the saw (normal hand saw played with a violin bow).

“It’s always been great I’ve always loved stopping off in PE, I know many people in the city, so I have lots of friends there, so it always a little treat to stop off and make a little music.” he said.

While he may eschew defining his sound in a style that may be found in categories on YouTube’s music page, and rather define it as a amalgamation of so many different sounds.

“I think you couldn’t [define style], I think if you did you would be untruthful, because you could say, it has some eastern influences… but there would be other piece that wouldn’t reference that at all or show any side of that. For me the notion of pigeonholing any kind of music is somewhat unhealthy.”

One of the unique aspect of Buttery’s music is he has never really been involved in the music industry. “Sure I do lot of the music festivals and lot of the music venues and I know a lot of the people involved in what people would call the music industry, but my take on the whole thing is that,… I have basically tried to keep as college industry as possible and try keep it as real.

“The thing about instrumental music is that the idea or the emotion you are trying to convey is so open to interpretation and that what so beautiful about it. I think basically for listener to have an idea what it’s about is they come listen for themselves.”

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets will cost R80. Buttery’s new CD will be available at the venue.

ý Further information and tickets from Dameon, 072-6501487.

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