Growing out a pixie and making it work

IT IS an old adage in business that if you want to be successful you need to do things differently to the competition.

I have written about Michelle Williams’s cute short pixie before – but now that everybody else is cutting their hair short she appears to be growing hers.

Pictures recently published show her sporting a tousled – in Port Elizabeth it would be windswept – graduated bob. Cropped short at the nape, this is the perfect way to grow out a pixie, by getting a bit of length on top before growing out the bottom.

Charlize Theron, who is visiting South Africa this week, showed a similar cut, a tad shorter but also on its way to the same style.

Not only does it help hide some of the worse in-between stages, it will also stop you from looking like a MacGyver mullet wannabe.

As always, there are rules to getting this look and the first is not to cut the nape too short. I cringe when I see clippered napes on half-grown-out pixies. The harsh line that this leaves across the nape would be best left in the 1980s. It also does nothing to help the growing process of the hair.

The first trick is to have a smooth transition from short to long using clever layering and texturing.

The second is to avoid solid colours – tousled looks need lots of texture to look their best, so add some streaks to really get the most out of your cut.

As for suiting your face shape, if you want long hair it needs to grow.

The good news is that with a bit of tailoring this cut should look good on just about anybody.

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