A Scandinavian whose home is true to his roots

STYLISH man-about-town Thomas Sorensen gives La Femme readers a glimpse into his aristocratic Mill Park home.

The well-travelled Thomas is the Sorensen in George Sorensen, the up-market unisex boutique he runs with business partner George Martin.

Born and brought up in Copenhagen, his Danish roots show in several rooms of his double-story home but he decided to take La Femme into the kitchen, “one of the rooms I have designed from scratch myself”.

While Scandinavian interiors are often light-filled uncluttered spaces, Sorensen sees his style as “more old world but still Scandinavian”.

My style in five words: Classic, clean-cut with Scandinavian impulses.

On my wish list: That my beloved domestic would freelance at Boccadillo’s or Charlie’s Bistro so she could learn to make such fantastic cappuccinos.

Best colour: Blue … no, red! … or blue. I think red but am not 100% sure, both for clothing and interior decor. I always like those two colours and my current car is red and my previous one was blue. My kitchen is full of blue but my lounges are full of red – and blue – so I guess blue, but I don’t like to be forced to choose.

I always tell my customers to take both when they can’t make up their mind about something. Why choose if we don’t have to?

Pet decor peeve: Laminated flooring and fake leather furniture. Laminated flooring is just plastic with a picture of wood on it and nothing feels worse to the skin than fake leather.

My indulgence: Port Elizabeth coffee shops! And my personal trainer, Peter Willis. I actually can’t afford him but he’s worth every cent as I, as a formally educated psychologist, have reached the conclusion that when you spend money on a personal trainer your expenses on all other comfort stuff (alcohol, chocolate, fill in your own blanks) go down as you become more energetic and feel so much better.

Plus, I’m coaching and playing handball for PE Vikings in Kwazakhele and New Brighton for the 10th year running now. I’m getting older and need steady gym work to avoid injuries and keep up with the young guns.

Favourite movie or book character: Gladiator without a doubt! Such inspiring courage, decency, perseverance, love and skill against a beautiful historical backdrop. If only Maximus (Russell Crowe) didn’t die in the end. I’m a sucker for happy Hollywood endings.

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