A word before I head for the hills

YOUR Skinnerbek is on a well-deserved (well, I think so anyway!) break out of town, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to get to some must-be-seen-at events before I headed for the hills.

So time to catch up with what went down late in June before I am off to my secret holiday getaway in July.

After a great day on the green, a bit of puffing and coiffing was in order to join the Club 100 Christmas in June fundraiser.

Although Yuletide in South Africa is summertime when entertainment aplenty comes out to play and the weather is warm – unlike a mid-year freeze – this year the wintry June event was blessed with both fun and warmth thanks to the weather and the peeps.

Red, white and blue draping adorned the walls of the Boardwalk International Convention Centre, with feathered centrepieces and circus-inspired entertainment finishing off the Madam Zingara themed evening.

The well-heeled guests tucked into a sumptuous meal and won impressive prizes of weekends away. The four women behind the exquisite evening – Olga Hafner, Michelle Brown, Kathy Zenios and Karin Fourie – outdid themselves, again raising an impressive R200000 for charity. Cheers to you lovely ladies for a fabulous evening and for your big hearts!

The fashion stakes were high as usual as the invite asked for the glamorous.

The Boardwalk’s Tanuja Gangabishun, in a black skirt and a gold and black bodice, arrived on the arm of Cosmo’s sexiest man, Masego “Maps” Maponyane.

Ooh la la, darlings! This young man is as down to earth as he is beautiful.

Fabulosity reigned – so if you plan on going next year, plan fabulous!

The next day our stunning Richmond Hill Music Festival – which I haven’t had a chance to rave about yet – was like an afternoon on the streets of Paris with cafés on every corner and awesome music permeating the orange glow of a winter afternoon sun.

Beautiful people of all creeds and three stages filled with musicians! But Faye Gatley should really have been performing in one of the cafés as her music style just got lost on the stage she was on.

The main stage was the place to be where all minds and all music came together under one roof. The food was superb although a bit pricey.

However the trusted Soho was stylish and elegant in their pricing. The festival was an absolute hit and yes, I will definitely be back next year come rain or shine.

See you when I get back!

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