Laughing freely – thanks to Mandela

WITH birthday wishes for Nelson Mandela pouring in from around the world, here are some from South Africa’s Comic Choice stand-up comedians:

BRENDAN JACK: “Madiba, you’ve put in so much good time. It’s time for you to chill and for people to leave you alone … you’ve done your part. You’re a great man, one of the greatest.”

NDUMISO LINDI: “Get well, Tata. Thank you for everything. We’re here making white people, Indian people, coloured people laugh freely – expressing our voice, thanks to you.”

KAGISO LEDIGA: “Tata, what is up with these 67 minutes? 27 minutes would have been cool because you did 27 years in jail … I love you.”

DEEP FRIED MAN: “I love you, Tata. We hope you have a full recovery soon … we’ve had good signs recently. I have to say I would have been a lot happier if you had returned my e-mails.”

DONOVAN GOLIATH: “Thank you for giving us the opportunity and a platform. Without you I would not be doing stand-up comedy. We love you.”

JASON GOLIATH: “Thank you for allowing this to be part of my lifetime. I missed the moon landing, both world wars, and the great revolutions, but I feel this is a moment that is as significant. Thank you for allowing us to be part of possibly the greatest moment in history … I am privileged to have been part of that and to have it as part of my upbringing and my culture. We’re unbelievably blessed and I don’t think we realise how much.”

DAVID KAU: “… thank you for allowing me to use some of you, your life and a lot of your voice in my stand-up career … God bless you. I’m not going to be stupid and say live another 95 years.”

BARRY HILTON: “You have been inspiring the world for 67 years. I am so proud to be a fan of yours.” – Andile Ndlovu

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