How to pass hair test with flying colours

SHOCKING hair colour used to be the preserve of pop stars and it appears to be resurfacing.

Think of Cyndi Lauper’s yellow hair in the 1980s.

More recently, the likes of Katy Perry and Rihanna have experimented with most of the colours of the rainbow.

The trend has quietly slipped onto the high street, with Sue Pemberton winning the North American Hairstyling Award, showing that classic cuts and crazy colours can produce a classical contemporary result.

For those of you who are daring enough, playing with these colours just requires a bit of careful consideration. A bright blue mop may get you busted out of the boardroom while a few perfectly placed purple streaks are likely to take 10 years off your age.

Getting the look is simple but requires a bit of patience and a creative colourist. Be prepared to sit for a long while – all the rainbow colours require pre-lighting before you can colour. Also, expect to touch up the colour every two to four weeks as lightening can fade fast. It is best to consult your hairdresser before your appointment to make sure the salon has the colour you want.

Before you all shake your heads and say “this is not for me”, I have clients ranging from chartered accountants, nurses and teachers to a granny who experimented with an array of colours from subtle pink streaks to a really wicked orange, purple and white asymmetric crop. For those of you who say that these looks are for the birds, remember that fine feathers make fine birds.


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