Couple create stir with quirky style

Gillian McAinsh

THEY weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth but they have turned their talents into a golden opportunity for crafters in the city, as shown by the report on Page 9 today.

The fashion design duo behind the award-winning label Silver Spoon – Stephanie Beyers and Dieter van der Berg – have lived in their Richmond Hill home for seven years.

Stephanie explained that since they used half their belongings as decor for their wedding in Nieu Bethesda three months ago, their home base – a few blocks away from their studio just off Stanley Street – has been at sixes and sevens.

However, their quirky, creative style still shines through.


My style in five words: Old-world, natural, distinguished, diverse and progressive.

On my wish list: To live life to the full, to still wake up next to Stephanie in 60 years’ time, to build a successful business, Glastonbury Festival 2014, to travel to Mongolia and milk some yaks, to invent something useful and to hopefully one day own my own brewery.

Best colour: Clothing – black. Interior – dark wood.

Pet decor peeve: Definitely chain store furniture and furnishings.

My indulgence: Stephanie, a great craft beer or two, time with friends and family, grilling a great fillet steak for Stephanie and cuddling with my two girls.

Favourite movie or book character: Too many to choose from. I’m a Star Wars geek so Yoda is definitely a character to live one’s life by.

One of my favourite quotes that I basically tell myself everyday is “Do or do not … there is no try.” Yip, George Lucas is a brilliant man.


My style in five words: Eclectic, refined, progressive, natural, old-world.

On my wish list: A family holiday, to live a fulfilled life, to make my marriage to my best friend work, to build a successful business and to make a difference through it, Glastonbury Festival 2014, to travel through Africa, and I wouldn’t mind owning a Burberry coat, a Jeep Rubicon, an Anton Momberg sculpture and loads of art some day!

Best colour: Clothing – black. Interior – white oak.

Pet decor peeve: Sterile homes, chain store furniture, too little and too much.

My indulgence: Dieter, time with friends and family, a good bottle of MCC, picnics in the park, a great fillet steak and beach runs with Dieter.

Favourite movie or book character: There are so many.

My favourite book, and the novel that started me on “grown-up” literature at 14 was Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things.

Its characters Estha and Rahel, and the laws of “who should be loved, and how, and how much” often pop up in my head.

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