Bashes help ward off the winter chills

IT was icy cold in Grahamstown at night last week, wasn’t it? Well, certainly for the time that Skinnerbek was there for all the giddiness of the festival.

I have a juicy bit of skinner from that part of the woods, but first, a birthday boy party.

Fortunately, in the Bay it was a little less harsh and, on one warm wintry evening, socialites and friends of events coordinator guru Siya Mfundisi gathered at The Coachman on the Bay to celebrate the 32nd birthday of this busy face about town.

After a dubious start of a romantic setting with candles all around the restaurant thanks to a suspected electricity thief, the power returned.

Yay to the man who works those confusing cables!

Skinnerbek was starting to wonder whether she should be gazing into her host’s eyes or the guy to her right. With the bubbly flowing and the romantic atmosphere – it was allkind of unpredictable!

Our host did not have to have a set menu as the food at this spot is tantalisingly delicious. Our waitress was the best and had the boys eating out of her hand with her fabulous Portuguese accent.

I was introduced to Boardwalk PR Caley Phillips’s beau, Nathan.

Ooh la la!

Caley was sexy in a cerise pink shirt, black miniskirt and her delicious arm candy. (Can’t recall what he was wearing – I was entranced!)

Our host rocked a pair of checked blue grey pants with brown accents and a brown cashmere jersey.

Ouch! The birthday boy is picking up a bit of weight. Must be the vacation – watch those kilojoules, darl, they settle in places where you have to fight hard to discard.

Cheers, dahling Siya! May you have many more.

From the dinner party, off we went with friends for some dancing at Balizza. This used to be a hot set-up club but a wall in the middle of the dance floor was confusing, although the music was pumping and we were thumping.

The weekend offered your Gossip Girl a glimpse of Grahamstown to take in a few shows and to shop a little.

There is just something about the vintage coats on sale at the fest that is unique. And no one that you know actually owns one!

But, hey, funnyman Siv Ngesi of Race Card fame was not so hilarious when he threw a hissy fit in the Rat and Parrot.

Don’t know what the problem was but that waiter was taking a verbal hiding and Siv was using his stage voice like he was Chuck Norris or something. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he shouted like he was the parrot.

Calm down, sweetie pie! What was wrong? A kitchen malfunction? Too many croutons in your soup?

Mind you don’t find yourself with a red card instead!

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