Use your imagination

MIKE and Jimmy were fishing at the Swartkops River mouth early one morning.

They had caught a few and naturally they were not going to throw back any at this stage as it was a while since they last had a productive outing.

Their trips had become more a reason to drink OB than to fish.

Mike noticed the local nature conservation officials approaching and warned: “Here come Flora and Fauna.”

Jimmy replied without taking a look as he was too interested in striking the next bite: “Ag, leave the women and catch fish.”

Squid (chokka) is bait that is very popular among anglers.

It is very versatile as it can complement other baits in enhancing presentation.

Remember, the ink is very important as a scent attracter, so when cleaning your squid collect the ink in a container and use it over your bait as a marinade just before you cast.

The white colour indicates freshness and acts as an attracter in presentation.

Squid, while being examined before purchase, must not be pink.

This indicates it is old or badly handled prior to freezing and packaging.

Any angler with a little flair should be able to cut up the squid to look like an irresistible morsel.

Anglers achieve great success with experimentation, so let your imagination do its thing.

Sardine in combination with squid works both on sandy and rocky shores.

The sheath of the squid can protect the sardine that has become too soft to cast on its own.

Use a knife to perforate the squid to allow the swells to escape.

This also helps protect your bait from the small devils that often strip the hook bare before a decent fish can take the bait.

This week’s angling spot is in the Swartkops river mouth and surf zone from the John Tallant Pier to the mouth.

Vehicle access is forbidden but the walk is not that cumbersome.

I’ve been successful here with pignose grunter.

While all bait types work here, mud and pink prawn are also very productive and can be collected nearby in Swartkops at the legal bait shops that are the green containers at Tiger Bay or the Wylde bridge.

Pink prawn strapped to sardine or squid with a little ghost cotton is an interesting idea called a lantern.

The pier is very productive for shad.

At first light, however, it is very dangerous there and caution must be exercised.

Many drownings have taken place there.

The surf zone requires a little wading in order to get a good cast to deeper waters. As a result of being at a river mouth the sand shifts regularly and holes develop.

Look out for these spots as the action is there.

Live bait can also give you a very good chance of a kob or Garrick that often frequent this shoreline.

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