Citroën DS3 stuns the experts

A STUNNING performance for the Citroën DS3’s debut – not only was the car crowned king of the superminis, knocking the Honda Jazz from top spot, but it ranks fourth overall in a recent JD Powers survey.

So what did owners love about it?

An awful lot, it seems; they rated it best against all rivals in two thirds of categories.

The DS3’s quirky styling pleased them most, and they gave their highest scores for visual appeal.

Owners also relished spending time in the car, enjoying the attractive instrument panel, quality trim and upholstery, and sound system.

Comfort was rated highly, too, with an easy-to-adjust driver’s seat, snug seatbelts and effective heating and aircon systems.

The car really excelled once the engine was started up, with owners reporting sprightly acceleration and a good, strong engine with enough grunt to keep the car up to speed with other traffic.

The car was not without its problems, but even some of the more serious common complaints, regarding noisy brakes and engine issues, were not enough to dent owners’ appreciation of their cars.

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