Syndicate Sisters give soul good weekend a boost

OH what a wet dreary weekend!

At least in winter you can dress up cute and get out and enjoy life, not so?

With all the events taking place indoors, it was a pleasure going out. However, that Boardwalk Amphitheatre needs to do something about their venue – it gets miserable in winter with drafts hitting one from all sides.

Cape Town muso Jimmy “mouth the word elephant shoes” Nevis, (it looks like “I love you”) kind of shortchanged us – performing only four songs!

The Syndicate Sisters, who were one of the acts at the event, seem to be back with a bang.

Although the ladies have aged slightly, they have not lost their touch – and those moves, watch you don’t break anything, dahlings!

Imagine FC hosted their second cage-fighting event at the Boardwalk Convention Centre in front of a massive crowd.

My, oh my, the fighters are cute – they are so hot that you feel sad that they have to get into that cage and be punched around! Poor boys!

Steve Jefferson, the brains behind the sport, sported a beautiful accessory on his arm – in the form of his girlfriend!

I was pleasantly surprised to see some socialites rubbing shoulders at the event.

Johann Bosch, a local cop, really embodies the old Bheki Cele saying “stomach in, chest out”. Maybe he is onto something – if only he could recruit more of his colleagues. Thabo Maketha hosted her fashion show to great applause at the amphitheatre and showed off her creative nous.

Maketha is making waves with her designs. Buli G recently wore one of her items at the Businesswomen’s Association awards evening.

Another sparkling night out was the official opening of the Nelson Mandela Bay extension of the National Arts Festival which also saw the opening of the Roger Ballen exhibition, Playpen.

Hey, your Skinnerbek really wonders where he finds some of his models and subject matter – it’s Karoo meets Goth, if you know what I mean.

National Arts Festival artistic director, Ismail Mahomed, had some wise words on how the arts can transform our social fabric.

But seriously – get to that exhibition where there is also a display of NMMU students’ work, as well as a string of new exhibitions opening today – at ArtEC, Dessies Tin Roof Gallery and ART Gallery.

And on that upbeat note, I will be trundling off to the street party at the Richmond Hill Music Festival this weekend which is bound to be a ball.

See you there – a chill zone is guaranteed!

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