Casting out where the wind blows across Eastern Cape

“THE ‘Speed Bump’ solutions that are implemented today are as predictable as they are ineffective. The guilty are never pursued or punished. Instead punishment is metered out in the form of harassment to anyone who did not commit a crime.” – said John Farnham, a US law enforcement expert, in 2002.

I think there is much to be learnt from this quote specifically talking angling. We are over-regulated as a result of the free-for-all attitudes some anglers have.

So in fact we have collectively been shot in the foot. What we have lost will not be regained. The beach driving ban is just such an example!

As we move around looking at popular and productive angling spots and target species, conditions play an important part of the decision of where to fish. Wind is an important factor, especially for the shore angler who has to cast in order to stand a chance of a prize catch.

In the Eastern Cape we have two predominant winds being east and west. I have often heard the talk about if the wind blows east go east and the same for the west wind. When the west wind blows the anglers move out to Cape St Francis and beyond. Fishing the Point at Cape St Francis can deliver a multitude of species. It takes a fair walk to get to the rocks but the rewards are often generous.

It’s all about the effort. There is no free meal. The St Francis shoreline is also not bait specific, so a variety of baits can be used. The beauty of this spot is that it allows you to gather your own fresh bait from the rocks such as octopus, red bait, rock mussel and alikreukel.

Big shark are known to lurk in these waters if you are into this type of angling. These rocks are very dangerous, so care must be taken, especially at low tide.

There is also accommodation available that will suit an angler’s pocket. There are caravan sites and holiday house rentals available off-season too at reasonable rates.

A good weather site which gives the wind direction and strength (updated hourly) for the PE and southern coastal area, especially useful for Cape Recife to Cape St Francis is:

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