Young reader glued to Nal’ibali’s pages

Nine-year-old fan and avid bookworm Bontle Tlhapane is in Grade 3 at Fairways Primary School in Johannesburg

How did you come across Nal’ibali?

My mom brought it home one day with the newspaper. I loved it and now I am a huge fan. I find it interesting and nice. I love to cut out and fold up the books. And I like the things that it teaches you to make – like bread in The Little Red Hen.

When did you start reading?

I started reading when I was in Grade R. My mom was worried that I watched too much TV, so she made me read in the holidays with my granny. She bought me lots of books with the CDs that I could also listen to. I started to love reading.

I love reading because sometimes it is true with lots of facts and sometimes it is just for fun. I love reading about animals and pets. Now I just like to read chapter books. I’m not interested in picture books so much anymore. I just want to read chapters.

But I still love TV too. And I like books about the TV shows – like Hannah Montana!

Do you go to the library?

We have library days on Thursdays. My favourite books from the library are ones with funny titles like Miss Lilly Silly and Mr Harrison is Embarrassin’ (Dan Gutman). When my friends and I have read our books we swap them before the next library day. My mom buys me books now too – and I have a whole collection of the newspaper stories and the new Nal’ibali storybook. I finished it quickly.

Why is it important to read?

Because it teaches you things like facts about subjects. Even maths. I love maths and English. But reading also makes me go to a different place in my imagination.

I read after my bath before I go to bed and I also read after I have finished my homework. I like to read a lot.

Do you like writing?

Yes, I write my own stories all the time. I can make my own books and give them to my mom.

How can you share Nal’ibali?

I have told my friends and my teacher Mrs Makansi. I think we should start a reading club at school.

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