Showing mettle by painting in steel

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NELSON Mandela Bay sculptor Wehrner Lemmer is a green-fingered artist who opened a coffee shop, Raak, last month, on the former site of restaurant Vovo Telo in Newton Park.

His home in Chelsea, deep inside Port Elizabeth’s coastal reserves, shows the decor style of this designer and craftsman who “paints in steel”.

He and his hairstylist wife Annette particularly love to sit in the dining room, next to the steel fireplace, which he built.

Lemmer says of his art: “My true and only inspiration for my work comes from nature. The workings of nature are strict and precise: nothing is out of place, everything works the way it has for thousands, no, millions of years. The shapes, forms and textures I see and experience in nature are transformed in my work.”

My style in five words: Modern, industrial, uncluttered, simple, light.

On my wish list: To travel more.

Best colour: Blue.

Pet decor peeve: Over-styled interiors.

My indulgence: Anything involving my clivias.

Favourite movie or book character: True Grit, starring John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn.

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