Try this drama rinse for classy punk look

Richmond Hill hairstylist SIMON CLARK gives La Femme readers ideas on how to get their crowning glory looking like the glossy posse

HOLLYWOOD actress Anne Hathaway has received a fair amount of space in this column and her latest colour venture guarantees her a few more. I loved her blonde “punk” do for the Met Gala, an annual A-list event at The Metropolitan Museum of Art which this year was themed Punk: Chaos.

However, before you all rush out to update your pixies, I must issue the following warning: Do not under any circumstances try and do this yourself!

The last client, I know of who tried ended up with yellow, orange and lilac hair. To add insult to injury the colour correction process was more expensive than just doing it properly the first time. You have been warned.

The colour process will most likely involve two colour applications, and more if your hair is already coloured, so be prepared to spend some time in the salon. The process will also involve bleaching your hair, which can be damaging, so again you will need to invest in a good shampoo and treatment to keep your hair looking good.

Your roots will need to be touched up every three weeks – so it’s a high maintenance look.

Which is probably why Ms Hathaway went back to brunette as soon as her roots started showing. Still, there are few changes as dramatic as suddenly going blonde, and there is a shade of blonde to suit almost everyone.

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