Get ready for high-energy event tonight

Neo Bodumela

NELSON Mandela band The Brothers like to think of themselves as a good curry – made up of different textures and flavours. And that’s what they will be serving up tonight when they launch their album Black and White at the Little Theatre in Central from 8pm.

It is their second full studio album, following a three-year break from the recording studio.

The Brothers consists ofBoet Strydom on keyboard, lead guitarist Jon Allen, lead singer Etienne Verster, David Houghton on tuba, guitar and bass, saxophonist Phumlani Mtiti, guitarist Lloyd Martin and lead vocalist and guitarist Joe van der Linden.

“We call our music ‘Skafrican’,” said Verster. “It’s a mixture of scar music, reggae and African music with a bit of funk and jazz. Dynamics are explored to take the listeners on a voyage through contrasting approaches, all done with love and commitment.”

Despite suffering from tinnitus – a condition in which a ringing sound is present in the ears – and having bad hearing in both ears, Verster is the lead singer and describes music as “a feeling in the soul”.

The band, formerly known as The Brothers of Other Mothers, started 10 years ago with the core members Verster, Allen and Van der Linden.

They describe themselves as “a good curry; made up of various flavours and textures, at times rough and soulful, at others slick and progressive”.

Verster said they had been working on the new album over several months.

“We started working on the album in October and the recording experience has been really great.

“We started recording at Drop and Roll in Greenshields Park and then moved to Bluewater Bay to Joe’s studio.”

Verster said tonight’s audience could expect a high-energy launch, a trademark of the band.

“It’s going to be a proper stage production with lots of lighting,” he said.

“We will also have special guests. We’re going to have an old Hammond organ as part of the show, soprano and alto saxophones and, of course, Jon Allen’s mad antics on stage.”

Following the launch of their album, The Brothers will start to prepare for their show Ninety-Nine Days of Skafrican.

They will perform it at the National Arts Festival on Friday June 28 and Saturday June 29 at the Smirnoff Music Room in Grahamstown.

Tickets for tonight’s launch cost R100 per person and will be available at the door.

For further information contact Etienne Verster on 083-297-3422.

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