Commit yourself to fresh angling approach

“THE difference between involvement and commitment is like a ham and egg breakfast. The chicken was involved and the pig was committed,” – unknown author.

I think this sums up human nature. Those that lead and others that follow or those that complain that nothing gets done and those that get it done! It’s all about choices.

Angling is no different. What you put in is what you get out.

Searching for fresh bait at low tide as opposed to buying yesterday’s leftover bait as the desire to angle took preference to planning ahead.

Impulsiveness is like the curiosity that killed the cat. Good planning reaps good results! I cannot emphasise how important fresh bait is!

Angling for non-edibles is a huge thrill. The baits used are large so they are “slid” out by using the “sliding” technique. “Pick ups” are spectacular and reels with line capacity are a must. Bird Rock has produced some large raggies over the years.

Brett Harris is a master in this field and has bagged a number of fine sharks. The plus factor with non-edible angling is the fish are released. I remember back to my youth when I angled at Bird Rock and was amazed by a kite angler who, with the southwesterly wind, could fly his bait out beyond casting distance and drop the bait and wait it out for show time.

Kite angling requires two rods. One rod controls the kite that flies the bait out for the other rod.

Once in position the bait is released and the kite is reeled in.

Bird Rock is safe and accessible but it is not really a spot for the avid pan angler. There are better spots for angling for edibles.

The choice of baits for non-edibles is normally the heads of edible fish and cut baits. Any bait that produces a smell through juices, such as oils and blood which are released, attracting attention, will suffice.

A shad cut in half (cut length-ways through the head and down to the tail) will entice any of the “flatfish or raggies” that move through the area where your bait awaits attention.

Naturally the choice of leader will also be an important factor as these critters have teeth.

Call your local tackle shop and ask advice on how to build a rig for non-edibles should you prefer to take that option.

Here is the useful fisheries website address for any questions pertaining to recreational angling and related information, – click on “Fisheries Division”.

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