New watering hole uses bright idea to add vibe

IT’S not often that you find a light at the bottom of a bucket, but you’ll discover this phenomenon – and the best-looking buckets in town – in plentiful supply at a new watering hole in Nelson Mandela Bay’s Miramar area.

The City Slukker is always keen to see the birth of a new sluk-den and curious to know what awaits him when he enjoys his first frosty there.

CS has been to the Barn and Barrel at King’s Court during the day and night but it was only during his nocturnal visit – while sitting at the large and solidly broad oval pub counter centrepiece – that he suddenly realised where the overhead light was coming from.

Talk about a bright idea.

A string of metal buckets have been fitted with lights inside at the bottom and then suspended upside down over the bar – and the effect is pleasing and perfectly in keeping with the casual farm barn atmosphere the proprietors have set out to create.

And let’s face it, it’s certainly a more illuminating method of clicking the bucket.

With it’s very spacious outside deck area and equally airy ambience inside with table and booth seating for large and small groups, the Barn and Barrel is a pub and grub in the true sense of the phrase with an equal focus on sit-down dining, or drinks at the bar with friends.

The slukker’s draught has always been served up pronto and ice-cold – a big plus – with the only niggle being that at R19 for a 500ml, it’s a bit on the steep side for a suburban pozzie.

The menu is also themed very much along traditional pub fare lines with such staples as burgers – CS likes the build-a-burger option – steak, egg and chips (R68), calamari (R50), hake and chips (R52), chicken schnitzel (R58), and bangers and mash (R45).

But there are also more adventurous options like a variety of nachos dishes (from R50) and – among a listing of salads – a grilled haloumi salad (R58).

There’s also a tapas menu with plenty of options to choose from, a choice of starters, pastas, combo meals, and a mains menu where you will find steaks, ribs, seafood, pork and kassler chops and even a venison potjie when it’s available.

This certainly is a warm and friendly addition to the neighbourhood and an ideal venue for both friends and families to gather in super relaxed surroundings with the big bonus of heaps of parking.

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