Awesome tribute to legends

FANS of legendary bands U2, Metallica, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin will get a four-in-one deal with the opening of a salute to the super groups in Port Elizabeth next week.

The Awesome 4SOME will feature frontman and rock singing sensation and guitarist Deon du Toit, who will be flown in from Cape Town especially for the performance, along with long-time Centrestage bassist Mike McAuley, who also now resides in the Mother City.

Du Toit’s high vocal range and the uncanny way in which he is able to reproduce the vocal style of AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson and Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant – singing in the original keys – make him a rare talent on the South African scene.

With Metallica’s recent SA tour having just taken place, with Kallis and Du Toit themselves in the front row of the audience – and similarly U2 having toured SA not long ago – enthusiasm has never been higher in the band.

Says Kallis: “It’s awesome to play songs from all four of these bands because not only are each and every one of them influential across a whole range of genres, but the songs are all brilliant in their own right.

“The music we’re playing in this show is the kind of music you don’t often get to play to an appreciative audience, much less with a band made of musicians of this calibre.

“Each of these bands has been a huge influence on almost every member of this group of musicians in one way or another, so I’m looking forward to pulling together and feeding off the incredible vibe that I’m certain is going to define this show.”

Coming all the way from Germany where he fronted one of Europe’s premiere AC/DC tribute bands as Angus Young, is Jens Koudele, who emulates the reckless onstage craziness and the guitar riffs of the influential rocker including the way he runs around stage and performs from within the audience.

They are joined by Sherid van Rooyen whose impressive guitar pedigree stretches back to bands such as the Hendrix tribute band Shrinking Railroad and the popular ’90s band B-World.

Sherid copies the signature effect driven guitar sound of U2’s The Edge to perfection, as well as reproducing Metallica’s Kirk Hammet’s much loved solo’s wah-wah driven sound.

Gino Fabbri is on drums and musical director and vocalist Kallis fronts many of the segments too, including searing performances as U2’s Bono and admirably fronting the Metallica section in the big shoes of James Hetfield.

“I can’t wait to wrap my sticks around the AC/DC segment – this being my favourite band of all time!” says Fabbri.

“The Metallica section has been the most work for me as I know the others will moan and groan if I get anything wrong! Lars Ulrich is one of the greats and I love his energy behind the kit – he is a jackrabbit!

“My Led Zeppelin journey started while listening to my uncle’s old albums at age nine – I heard the opening riff of Whole Lotta Love and my life changed right there! Electric guitar was pumping through my veins!”

Metallica fans can look forward to the likes of Enter Sandman, Sad But True, Master of Puppets, Nothing Else Matters and One, while U2 fans will love Beautiful Day, Bullet the Blue Sky, Pride, Desire and New Year’s Day, to name a few.

AC/DC supporters can look out for Thunderstruck, Shoot to Thrill, Back in Black and Highway to Hell while Led Zeppelin gets the nod with Ramble On, Dazed and Confused, Rock n Roll and Stairway to Heaven.

Tickets for the shows at Port Elizabeth’s Old Grey on Thursday and Friday next week can be purchased at R120 (or a block of eight at R100 each) through Computicket. Shows start at 7.30pm.

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