Crystal power for people and pets

Octayvia Nance

CENTRAL Hill personality Carole Law believes crystals have healing powers, and has spent the past 20 years developing a range of gem essences for humans and animals.

Animal lover Law even treats her own Yorkshire terriers.

“If a client [whether pet or human] has a specific problem – whether it is physical, emotional or psychological – a telephonic or e-mail consultation is conducted. All that is needed is a description of the problem and a remedy is then made up [to bring balance]. Therefore, each bottle is unique for the person or pet,” said Law.

“Vibrational healing employs vibratory tools to help the body remember its own healthy harmonic resonance.

“The vibratory energies emanate from colour, crystals, aromatherapy, light and sound.”

Law runs a guesthouse in Cuyler Crescent and has a studio there in which she blends small bottles of essence.

She is planning to run workshops later in the year.

Law treats clients for a range of conditions that include depression, anxiety and low sex drive.

She started selling her Liquid Crystals eight years ago after many years of research.

They are aimed at both animals and humans in distress or in need of specific treatments – holistic and non-invasive.

“The human body is made up of frequencies that form a harmonic and balanced whole.”

Law sees emotions as energy in motion, and believes that unhealthy emotions often are “stuck” in a person’s energy fields and help is needed to release these vibrations.

She said her most popular treatments were for animals.

“I have managed to make up a very successful treatment for pets suffering from itchy skin and hotspots; this consists of drops [applied between the shoulder blades] and a hydrosol spray [natural floral waters] infused with gem essences.

“Many people have sent testimonials regarding the success of this particular product as there seems to be a huge problem regarding this in pets in general,” Law said.

In addition to remedies made for a specific individual, she also makes a range of five pet essences.

“The pet remedies consist of pacify [which is to calm a pet that is overexcited or frightened by thunder or fireworks], detox [to detoxify pets that have been subjected to toxic or non-homeopathic therapies] and shock therapy, which is similar to rescue remedy. Rehab is for pets that have previously been abused,” Law said.

Her 15 human essences help with problems like anxiety. They include elixirs for bad circulation, stomach cramps and headaches.

Bay FM presenter Theo Klaas was introduced to Law’s Liquid Crystals at the Granary Market earlier this month and said they “work like a bomb”.

“Carole is eccentric and has a strong presence about her. Her spirit and energy drew me to her. I purchased my Crystal Liquid spray and the drops and slept like a baby just moments after sneaking into my Pelican sheets. No interruptions and no more insomnia,” Klaas said.

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