Look out fish, a woman’s wrist is dangling this fly

FLY-FISHING is an activity that is as mesmerising to watch as it is to participate in. While predominantly enjoyed by the older generation, it is fast catching the attention and interest of a whole new generation of enthusiasts.

And Rhodes has captured the attention of one of South Africa’s few women fly-fishers, Sharland Urquhurt, who lives in Cape Town but has a house in the village. Sharland competes in fly-fishing competitions throughout the country.

Initially developed to catch salmon and trout, the method has been adapted to include pike, carp and bass.

Fly-fishing rods are a lot lighter and the line used is a lot heavier than normal and is sometimes even tapered. At the end of the line is an almost weightless “fly” which acts as the fish lure. The artistic element is created by the angler’s efforts to cast his fly so gently that the water is hardly disturbed by the line. The resulting rhythmic movements are a marvel to behold.

The South African fly- fishing locations are well regulated with no boats or floating tubes allowed. Most locations will charge a nominal daily conservation fee.

The Drakensberg Mountains in the Eastern Cape are home to an impressive collection of crystal-clear dams and rivers where there are plenty of trout and yellowfish to be caught. The northern Drakensberg Mountains alone offer nearly 25 unique fly-fishing locations.

South Africa’s game and nature reserves also offer some remarkable fly-fishing opportunities. Tours and packages are available that will allow you to enjoy some awesome fly-fishing as well as see some of the wildlife the reserves have to offer. The more commercial fly-fishing locations in South Africa will often include fly-fishing training for beginners and assistance for those looking to fine-tune their fly-fishing techniques.

Because of the inherent unpredictability of the rivers and streams in terms of their rise and fall and the difficulty for many fishermen to get in and out of the waters, many South African fly-fishing enthusiasts have resorted to still-water fly-fishing in man-made dams. ©Google

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