Go demure, go daring

ONE of my lecturers at college once told me bobs would never go out of fashion. With good reason, because they are extremely versatile and can be made to suit any face shape.

They can also be as demure or daring as you demand – which probably also explains why they are also my favourite haircut.

Following on from the Karlie “chop” bob I wrote about not so long ago there seems to have been a veritable explosion of them with Jennifer Connelly, Brooke Burns, Katharine McPhee, Julianne Hough, Brittany Snow, Evan Rachel Wood, Jenny McCarthy and Christina Hendricks all sporting variations on the theme.

I could have found more but I think you get the picture.

The general trend seems to be slightly longer than jaw length with loose choppy layers which can be great for slimming rounder or “fuller” faces.

It also means there is enough length to scrape it back from your face for gym or other activities.

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