Ice cream delight for fussy eaters

Octayvia Nance

A ST FRANCIS Bay doctor has invented an ice cream which is so nutritious you can enjoy it for breakfast, in a drive to get picky children or patients eating more healthy food. Thanks to Dr Di Neethling, the new Miss-K ice cream is now in production in Durban, made and distributed by her family’s business 40Foods.

Neethling’s daughter Karen McIntosh who is marketing the product – available in vanilla, chocolate and bubblegum flavours – was in Port Elizabeth last week to promote it.

McIntosh said the concept came about because of her mother’s obsession with nutrition – and the family believes it is a world first.

“The concept of fortifying an ice cream to deliver nutrition in a fun format came about after many family dinners discussing how to get the good stuff into the bodies of the little people in our world. That took us 18 months to develop and bring to market,” McIntosh said.

“Well the answer, we believed, and now we know, lay in working with the products they already love, so we started with our own delicious ice cream recipe and developed a great product called Miss-K Ice Cream Food – and believe it or not, although it is named after me I didn’t come up with the name myself!”

40Foods, headed by McIntosh’s mother, Dr Di Neethling, strives to offer a fun and progressive solution to a nutritional concern based on maintaining good health.

“There is no added sugar in the ice-cream food, it is sweetened with low GI agave syrup. The agave syrup is supplied to us by the Agave Group in St Francis,” said McIntosh.

She said Miss-K was seen as a “food” rather than a “treat” due to its nutritional value.

“The ice cream food is high in essential vitamins and minerals, has no artificial preservatives or colourants, is high in probiotics and dietary fibre, and is diabetic friendly.”

McIntosh said she also was a mother and understood how difficult it was to get children to eat healthily.

She said the family saw their product as a needed food solution. It could help not only for fussy eaters but also for patients in hospitals who may not have the appetite to eat more conventional health offerings, or who may have sores in their mouths after medical treatments, for example, for cancer.

“We are a passionate South African team running a business headed by my mother, the scientist. We are based in KwaZulu-Natal but we service nationally.”

Miss-K is available in sizes ranging from 125ml cups up to a catering size pail and will be on sale at Pure and Simple, Real Produce and Valley Harvest stores in Port Elizabeth.

Recommended retail prices start at R15 for the small cup.

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