Why Johan loves his career

Octayvia Nance

NELSON Mandela Bay fashion designer Johan Wolmarans has been bombarded with clients, saying this is the busiest March and April he has ever experienced.

Wolmarans, who won the best designer stand at The Herald Bridal Fair last year, designed the wedding dress forformer The Herald Miss Port Elizabeth Di-Anne Qoto last month and will do the same for the winner of The Herald Win a Dream Wedding competition.

As well as wedding wear, Wolmarans is a favourite for matric farewell dresses and was well represented at The Herald Wear Your Dream competition last year, with nine finalists out of the 15 wearing his designs.

Busy as he is, Wolmarans spared a few minutes to join La Femme for lunch while keeping a close eye on his studio, just a few steps from Sue-Anne’s, the cosy restaurant in the Garden Lovers Centre on Kragga Kamma Road.

Admitting to not being much of an eater, he enjoyed a health muffin and a glass of pure orange juice.

I love my career because … every day is a different day because every individual is different and it just makes my work different and interesting.

I know I’ve made it … because that’s how I feel every day. I think many people connect being successful to material things like a fancy house. I love what I do and I think when you are happy with what you do, it shows in your work and in life.

The person who has taught me the most is … former The Herald and Weekend Post fashion editor Barbara Robertson for her professionalism and the way she’s always on par with everything.

I have a soft spot for … animals. I hate how certain people can take the responsibility of having an animal with a complete disregard for its wellbeing.

I should have studied … design from the beginning. I studied psychology, then design. I followed my head before following my heart, but I have no regrets.

I love to party with … my family and friends – people who want me to be with me. Some people are so star-struck and want to party with, for example, Charlize Theron. Who says she would love to party with me?!

I listen to … everything and anything, except jazz.

When I was 16, I wish I had known … the secret to happiness. I see a lot of miserably unhappy people and it’s easy to be that way because people tend to get caught up in the world around them and forget about themselves.

My music weakness is … opera singer Emma Shapplin. I do my best designs while listening to her CDs.

Nothing makes me happier than … seeing people around me who are happy.

My favourite item of clothing is … my denim jeans.

I absolutely hate … pretentious people.

I am saving to buy … a new and younger horse. No offence to my current horse, Never-So-Bold, but she’s old.

I share my life with … my parents, Cilliers and Frieda, my girlfriend, Kalinka Orban, and right and left hand ladies, Gladis Ronothi and Annysha Sortuin.

I can’t go a day without … exercise, whether it be jogging, or cycling.

In 10 years I see myself … still designing.

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