Vibrant colour beats the chill

WITH winter seemingly now firmly upon us and Megan Fox and Rachel McAdams both going red, now is the perfect time to warm your hair colour up for the cooler months.

Generally speaking, there is a shade of red to suit everyone, it is just a question of choosing one that complements your skin tone. Cooler tones will suit a more mahogany or plum tone while warmer tones will work better with coppery ones.

If you are wanting a really bright red they you will either need to have light hair to begin with or you will need to pre-lighten your hair. On this subject, going a vibrant red is a great way to transition from a “box” black to a lighter shade as it is an easy way to camouflage the khaki orange that most hair lifts out to.

Likewise it is a good way to transition from blonde to darker hair as blonde hair needs the red to form the foundation for the darker colour.

This is also why your home efforts to go darker often come out funny colours, as blonde hair does not have enough base tones to support your target colour and you end up looking like a sunburnt orange!

Reds are not the most durable so be prepared to touch your colour up a little more often, especially if you want a really vibrant tone. That said, it is important to do this professionally as it is very easy to create a colour buildup on your ends, giving you vibrant roots and dull ends.

However, the fact that it needs regular attention also means that you can play with the tonal shades of your hair. So if you fancy a change this winter perhaps it’s time to heat things up!

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