Plates are food for thought

JUST as food can be a work of art on a plate, so too can a plate be a work of art on a wall – especially if you choose punchy colours and unexpected combinations.

A collection of much-loved plates can make a fresh wall arrangement and depending on the plates chosen, can result in very different decor looks. A collection of granny’s floral china in pastel tones may yield a shabby chic look, for example, while brighter colours can enhance a more bohemian or eclectic interior.

A monochrome arrangement of plates in a single colour, or even plain white, can look striking and give a wall a new dimension.

One technique is to vary colours, sizes and textures, with the largest plate in the centre, spiraling out.

Alternatively, you can group plates of a similar colour, or use the principal of repetition of the same shape for a more formal look.

It can be a good idea to lay the plates out on the floor first, arrange them to your satisfaction and take a picture on your cellphone. Then you have a record of what works, visually, when you come to knocking in the picture hooks you will be using to hang up the plates.

Attach wire plate hangers and hang plates on picture nails.

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